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About the Israeli Campaign

The mass circulation of Gary Yourofsky’s speech in Israel was a joint project of the three prominent Israeli Animal Rights and vegan lifestyle organizations Anonymous for Animal Rights, Shevi – Animal Liberation Israel and Yoman Hayati (Animal Log).

The speech proved to be the most influential and effective tool in switching people to veganism. No other action got even close to the impact this speech had. Since the publication in April 2011, countless enthusiastic spectators sent in testimonies of how the speech changed their life.

Google - vegan trend in Israel
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The Vegan Trend Takes Over Prime-time TV in Israel

Watch how the unprecedented vegan trend in Israel reaches prime-time television, all thanks to Gary Yourofsky’s riveting speech, with an extensive 10 minute news item on Israel’s most watched network! (Channel 2 news, July 14th, 2012)

vegan trend takes over prime-time

The Vegan Trend Reaches National TV Again

The Israeli vegan revolution reaches national television once more, as Gary Yourofsky’s life-changing speech continues to change people’s hearts and minds. (Channel 1’s “Yoman”, March 22nd, 2013)

Revolution in the Plate

August 24th, Tel Aviv – Animal Liberation protest of around 5000 people:
August 24th, 2013 - Tel AvivPhoto: Nadav Bagim August 24th, 2013 - Tel AvivPhoto: Activestills.org

To understand the appeal of the lecture, we consulted with several psychology experts. Opinions varied (read, for example, Dr. Melanie Joy’s Analysis) except for one subject which they all agreed on – this powerful speech has a tremendous potential to influence people to change their thinking and their way of life.

Indeed, to this day hundreds of thousands Israelis viewed the lecture, many of whom did not remain indifferent and adopted a new and cruelty free way of life.

Read here about the achievements of the speech in Israel: media coverage, reactions of public figures and much more…

We encourage you to help us spread the lecture by distributing printed material, organizing screenings of the speech at your institution, sharing it on Facebook and other platforms, donating to fund ads on Facebook, YouTube and Google, and in any other way you see fit.

Unique event in Tel Aviv

The subject of eating animals was discussed during this unique event, where writers and poets expressed their thoughts through art, literature and poetry. The event, a first of its kind in Israel, was born as result of Yourofsky’s speech and was held as part of the Israeli campaign. Tel Aviv, July 2012.
Screening of Gary Yourofsky's speech in Modi'in municipality.

The severe environmental consequences of the animal industry discussed at a municipality screening of Yourofsky’s lecture. Modi’in, July 2012.
Street screening of Yourofsky's speech during the Israeli mass Social Justice protests in Tel Aviv, summer 2011.

Street screening of Yourofsky’s speech during the Israeli mass Social Justice protests in Tel Aviv, summer 2011.
Screening of Yourofsky's speech in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March 2012.

Screening of Gary Yourofsky’s speech in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March 2012.