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TV News Stories

TV news stories following the incredible impact of Gary Yourofsky’s speech in Israel.

vegan trend takes over prime-time tv

The Vegan Revolution Takes Over Prime-time TV in Israel

Watch how the unprecedented vegan trend in Israel reaches prime-time television, all due to Gary Yourofsky’s riveting speech, with an extensive 10 minute news item on Israel’s most watched network! This was the main story on the weekend edition of Channel 2 news (July 14th, 2012). Translated by: Ikey Greene  

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revolution in the plate

Channel 1 TV: Revolution in the Israeli plate

The Israeli vegan revolution reaches national television once more, as Gary Yourofsky’s life-changing speech continues to change people’s hearts and minds. This was the main magazine story of channel 1’s “Yoman” (March 22nd, 2013).  

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channel-2 education

Israeli news: Why are Children Denied the Truth?

A prime time report in the most popular news edition in Israel about the decision of the Ministry of Education to ban Gary Yourofsky from speaking at Israeli high schools (December 3rd, 2013 – ch. 2). See also: Live Debate: Should Children be Exposed to the Truth? Gary Yourofsky vs. The Ministry of Education J. …

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ההרצאה הטובה ביותר שתראו אי פעם בערוץ 1

The Vegan Trend – How Israel was Taken By Storm!

Gary Yourofsky’s speech and the Israeli Vegan Revolution also on national TV, Channel 1. On April 2012 the channel aired a moving report by Netta Ahituv.  

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tel hai collage

News report: Life-Changing Speech of Gary Yourofsky at Tel Hai Collage

Hot News Room North news report of Gary Yourofsky’s staggering talk at Tel Hai collage in front of a packed house and some of 400 people. This lecture took place on December 17th 2013 near the city of Kiryat Shmona and was part of Yourofsky’s second lecture tour in Israel.  

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גארי יורופסקי באוניברסיטת בן גוריון

TV news report: Gary Yourofsky visits Ben Gurion University

Hot Darom TV news report of Gary Yourofsky’s lecture at Ben Gurion university in front of a packed house of 450 people. This lecture took place on September 11th 2012 in Beersheba, Israel and was part of Yourofsky’s first lecture tour outside the United States.  

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nrg video: gary yourofsky lectures to journalists

News report: Gary Yourofsky lectures to Israeli press

Israeli news site NRG’s story covering Gary Yourofsky’s speech, which he gave to journalists on September 7th, 2012. This talk was held at ZOA Tel Aviv (zionist of america house) and was part of Yourofsky’s first lecture tour outside the United States.  

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Renowned Israeli Restaurant, Nanuchka, goes Vegan!

On February 10th, 2014, the famous Israeli Restaurant, Nanuchka, became vegan. Several months after becoming vegan herself, the owner of the restaurant, Nana Shrier, shocks the Israeli restaurant scene when she declares her restaurant vegan. Huge amounts of meat, dairy and eggs will no longer be part of the place (Channel 10 news report, February …

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רשת כלכלית - Economic-Network

Israel Becomes Vegan Friendly – Channel 2 Report

Watch how businesses in Israel don’t want to be left behind and change their menu/supply to get the Vegan Friendly certification, as more and more Israelis are becoming vegan (Cahnnel 2’s Economic Network, January 19th, 2014). Vegan Friendly organization’s website: vegan-frienldy.co.il  

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Vegan Kindergarten

Israel’s Vegan News brings the story of Bar Sharon, who decided to make her kindergarten vegan.  

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