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Best animal rights and vegan videos divided by categories: music clips, commercials, egg industry, dairy industry, meat industry and more…



Important clips that discuss the direct link between animal agriculture and the dismal environmental condition of our planet: Global Warming, World Hunger, Water Pollution, Deforestation, etc. Click here to watch the most important documentary for saving our planet – COWSPIRACY. Tweet

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Music Clips

Great music clips related to veganism, animal rights and our strange relationship with other animals: ‘No to Violence’, ‘A Vegan Future’, ‘Sleepwalkers’, ‘Free Me’ and more… Tweet

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The Gas Chambers of Today – Shocking!

World-first: shocking investigation exposes rare footage of killing living souls in gas chambers , currently implemented in masses across the Western world. Tweet

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Just Jeans ad

TV Commercials

Banned TV commercials and other cool ads related to veganism and animal rights.So what is the reason these ads are disqualified from airing on TV? Tweet

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Tal Giloba in The Big Brother show in Israel

Tal Giloba, the Israeli vegan activist, on The Big Brother show in Israel. Edited by Gary-TV.com organization.  

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This video contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people

WARNING: This video contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people If you also got this warning message after publishing a Facebook video, you are not alone. Apparently, Facebook has decided that he would stop the violent content documented in such videos by censoring and obstructing those who try to stop this violence. …

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