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Gary Yourofsky in Israel – 2013

Gary Yourofsky will be landing again in Israel for a lecture tour in early December, and will hold lectures at conferences, universities, high schools, companies and more. The lectures will be held between the 4th and 20th of December.
All lectures, including those that will take place at entrance-fee events, Yourofsky is doing voluntarily and without receiving payment. The lectures are in English and without subtitles.

Update: the lecture tour was a huge success when almost each lecture had a packed house. Altogether, around 5,000 people got to see Yourofsky’s powerful speech.


Wednesday Dec 4th
Lecture at a private venue. (Attendees: 80)

Friday Dec 6th
Lecture to high school kids. (Attendees: 220)

Sunday Dec 8th
19:00 – Special event featuring Dr. Yuval Noah Harari and hosted by Avri Gilad. Fair Stalls at the event.
Beit HaChayal, Weitzman 60 st. Tel-aviv. (Attendees: 900)

Monday, Dec 9th
20:30 – Lecture at Cinematheque Tel Aviv before screening of the movie A.L.F. (Attendees: 400)

Tuesday, Dec 10th
19:00 – Special event featuring Dr. Yuval Noah Harari and hosted by Gadi Sukenik. Fair Stalls at the event.
The Yahalom Theatre, Hayetzira 3 st. Ramat Gan. (Attendees: 550)

Wednesday, Dec 11th
18:00 – Lecture at the Hebrew university, Jerusalem. (Attendees: 300)

21:00 – Lecture at Cinematheque Jerusalem before screening of the movie A.L.F. (Attendees: 200)

Thursday, Dec 12th
18:30 – Lecture at Tel-Aviv University. (Attendees: 500)

Friday, Dec 13th
11:00 – Lecture in Megama Yeruka’s (Green Course) event. (Attendees: 50)

Saturday, Dec 14th
20:00 – Special event featuring famous Israeli singer Assaf Amdursky & Gary Yourofsky. (Attendees: 600)

Monday, Dec 16th
18:00 – Lecture at Haifa University. (Attendees: 150)

Tuesday, Dec 17th
12:00 – Lecture at Tel Hai collage. (Attendees: 400)
18:00 – Lecture at the IDC Herzliya. (Attendees: 220)

Wednsday, Dec 18th
15:00 – Lecture at Sapir collage, Ashkelon (Attendees: 200)
19:00 – Lecture at BGU, Be’er-sheva. (Attendees: 400)

Thursday, Dec 19th
16:00 – Lecture at The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo (Attendees: 230)
20:00 – Lecture for high school students only, Tel Aviv. (Attendees: 75)

Friday, Dec 20th
11:30 – Lecture in nutrition conference at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) (Attendees: 180)