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Domino’s Pizza launches its first-ever vegan pizza – in Israel

On December 2013, Domino’s Pizza launched its first-ever vegan pizza – in Israel.
The move follows a Facebook campaign by the nonprofit association, Vegan Friendly, which promotes the vegan lifestyle in Israel, among others, by encouraging non vegan-friendly businesses to become such. Their website provides information on restaurants and caterers who offer dishes that don’t use animal products. Their Facebook campaign to change Domino’s Pizza to a vegan-friendly company received thousands of likes and comments and the rest is history…

The Gary-TV project joined forces with Vegan Friendly in bringing Gary Yourofsky back to Israel in December 2013. The two people who run the association, Omri Paz and Meital Ben Ari, became vegan after watching Gary Yourofsky’s speech and was glad to bring him back for a second lecture tour.