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Gary Yourofsky’s Speeches

The three speeches of Gary Yourofsky, the most effective animal rights speaker in the world. Please share those speeches as much as possible.

For more info, visit Gary Yourofsky’s website: adaptt.org.


Gary Yourofsky – The Classic Speech

Gary Yourofsky’s original speech – Best Speech You Will Ever Hear.The stats shows that this is the most powerful and effective animal rights talk – please share.  

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Gary Yourofsky – The Excuses Speech

Gary Yourofsky’s last and newest speech – a fascinating talk! In this speech Yourofsky focuses on the common excuses people make for not becoming vegans and for continuing their consumption of animal products.  

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גארי יורופסקי

Gary Yourofsky’s Speech: Q&A Session

In this session, Gary answers the questions of the curious crowd, talks about his experiences in jail, vegan dogs, and more… With a unique style that combines a rare charisma, assertiveness and humorous stories, it is well worth watching.    

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