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A collection of the best animal rights videos & vegan videos about our relationship with other animals. Amazing. Powerful. Moving. Emotional. Outrageous.
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גארי יורופסקי מרצה בחצר אחורית בחדרה

Gary Yourofsky

Videos related to Gary Yourofsky and his amazing powerful speech. Watch how Gary Yourofsky speaks on behalf of those who have no voice.  

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The Simpsons


Humorous videos about our complicated relation with other animals. Tweet More fun videos: The Honest Waiter The Supermarket Prank The Hot Dog Prank

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Today is your day to choose

Amazing videos

The most amazing videos about human relationship with nonhuman animals. A must watch to anyone who respect our fellow beings. Tweet

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Frank Medrano


Inspiring videos with incredible athletes who rise above social conventions, followed their conscious and desire, and have become a source of inspiration for many. Tweet

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gary yourofsky's talk


Great lectures on Animal Rights and veganism: Gary Yourofsky, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Melanie Joy, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, James Wildman, Lesli Bisgould, Simone Reyes and more… Tweet

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Food Industries

Closeup look on the animal food industries, what exactly the meat industry, the egg industry and the dairy industry are hiding inside their torture camps. Tweet

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More Categories…

Best animal rights and vegan videos divided by categories: music clips, commercials, egg industry, dairy industry, meat industry and more…  

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