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Achievements and Progression in Israel

Gary Yourofsky’s speech has been proven to be the most influential and effective tool in prompting people towards a more moral and ethical way of life. The number of people who went vegan since airing the Hebrew version of the speech is unprecedented.

Following and above are some of the achievements in Israel:

August 30th 2014 – Vegan activist Tal Gilboa wins The Big Brother show, the most watched TV program in Israel:

August 30th 2014

September 20th 2014, Tel Aviv – Animal Rights protest of around 6000 people:

September 20th 2014, Tel Aviv

  • August 24th 2013, Tel Aviv – Animal Liberation protest of around 5000 people:
    August 24th, 2013 - Tel AvivPhoto: Nadav Bagim August 24th, 2013 - Tel AvivPhoto: Activestills.org
  • Google - vegan trend in Israel
    The shape of the graph may change over time, click here to see it on Google Insights.
    • The Vegan Trend Reaches Prime-time TV in Israel
      On July 14th 2012, the speech’s incredible impact reached prime-time TV when Channel 2, the most watched network in Israel, aired an extensive 10 minute report in its weekend news edition. The extremely supportive item was the featured story and for the first time ever, veganism got a positive review nationwide.
    • The Vegan Trend Reaches National TV once again
      On March 22nd 2013, the speech’s incredible impact got an extremely supportive item on national TV once again when Channel 1, aired an extensive 10 minute report in its famous Friday’s magazine.
    • In early September 2012, Gary Yourofsky visited Israel and gave his first lecture tour outside the United States. His arrival was covered in every Israeli media outlet, including a major story in Ulpan Shishi – the most popular TV news program in Israel, and veganism has received national exposure like never before and became a topic of discussion in the mainstream.
    • In December 2013, Gary Yourofsky visited Israel for the second time and spoke to around 5,500 people, mostly students. Again, his arrival was covered in every Israeli media outlet, including two major interviews with the most renowned Israeli interviewers, Ilana Dayan and Kobi Meidan. Once again, veganism received huge national exposure and became a topic of discussion in the mainstream.
    • The video was mentioned in the many national newspaper articles as well as on the most popular internet portals. Especially outstanding were:
      Following this great achievement, came the “City Mouse” Online, with a special front page Independence-Day project and included Gary’s video, which brought views and much positive PR.

      Early in June 2012, another milestone has been reached, when mako, a leading news and entertainment portal in Israel, featured a special weekend story on the phenomenon of Israelis turning vegan and vegetarian. Short after that, “Time Out Tel-Aviv” had a story about the speech and its incredible impact in Israel.

    • In April 2012, a TV story named “The Vegan Trend” was aired on national TV in Israel (Channel 1). The story featured Gary Yourofsky’s speech, identifying it as the primary reason for Israelis going vegan.
    • In March 2013, the speech in its entirety was aired nationwide on Israeli cable and satellite TV networks, on channel 98.
    • More than 300 personal letters were sent from people in Israel to Gary, thanking him for changing their lives.
    • Direct Marketing: In cooperation with Kafri Bari, a leading soy products company, brought to life this one of a kind guruilla campaign, in which a link to the video was printed on their products, using a QR code. The exposure of this campaign was not only for customers, but for the millions visiting major supermarkets nationwide.
    • Since this last remarkable campaign went public, yet another company, Cream Soy, decided to join our project and printed an ad on their products: “For important information on the plant-based diet: gary-tv.com“.
    • Many public figures and celebrities changed their way of life as a direct result of watching the video:
      1. Achinoam Nini (aka Noa), the internationally acclaimed Israeli singer. Click here to watch her on Israel’s most popular channel (Channel 2) talking about how the speech “rattled the foundations of her soul” and how she became vegetarian and are on her way to veganism.
      2. David D’or, a renowned Israeli singer, became vegan after being vegetarian for many years.
      3. Yossi Sarid, former Israeli Minister of Education and Minister of Environmental protection, wrote after watching the speech:
        “A few months ago I decided to follow my daughter and stop consuming meat.
        I listened to Gary Yourofsky’s speech and it strengthened my resolve: I have made the right decision and regret it didn’t happen sooner.”
      4. Eli Israeli, a popular Israeli radio broadcaster, turned vegan right after watching the video.
      5. Miki Haimovich, a very famous Israeli TV personality, turned vegan after attending Yourofsky’s lecture in Israel and also recommended to watch the speech on a video interview.
      6. Gal Fridman, the first and only Olympic gold medalist in Israeli history, said as follows after watching the speech:
        A must see till the end!
        There’s no doubt he is right. There’s no reason in the world to abuse animals like that.
        And there’s certainly no need for meat and dairy… They are only harmful to us and cause most of the common diseases.
        I’m an athlete of the highest level and I manage wonderfully without meat. There is no need for meat and certainly not for dairy products, which are only causing nothing but harm to the bones.
      7. Agi Mishol, one of Israel’s most acclaimed poets, wrote after watching the video:
        This earth shattering speech demonstrates exactly what I’ve read in Patterson’s “Eternal Treblinka” (a partial quote from writer Isaac Bashevis Singer, who wrote: “…In relation to them [the animals], all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka.”). Read more…
      8. Shelly Gafni, a very known Israeli supermodel, told on Israel’s second most popular channel how the speech affected her and her family’s diet drastically.
      9. Israeli supermodel, Shelly Gafni, reveal how the most watched talk in Israel touched her heart and changed her and her family’s life.

      10. Yair Nitzani, an enormously influential Israeli musician and TV celebrity, stopped eating meat after watching the lecture.
      11. Ori Shavit, a renowned food critic(!), who published and edited food related articles and magazines for years, and a regular writer for Ynet, Israel’s central news channel, also turned vegan overnight, after watching the video. Being a food critic, this move changed her life completely. Ori Shavit started a new vegan food blog and is now regularly writing articles on vegan food for Ynet and other site, has special meals in gourmet restaurants around Tel-Aviv, leads vegan workshops and works on getting restaurants to veganize their menus. Click here to watch Shavit talks all about it in Israel’s central news channel (Channel 2).
    • Many more top celebrities in Israel watched the video and responded in amazement. This video is a life changing experience, there’s no doubt about that.