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Translated Articles

Articles translated by Gary-TV.com project following the incredible impact of Gary Yourofsky’s speech in Israel.

כתבה במוסף הארץ - דף 2 מוקטן

From Facebook to Israel: Activist Gary Yourofsky will try to make us vegan | Ha’aretz Magazine, August 3rd, 2012

A wonderful speaker, a humane and sensitive man; or a radical activist that condones violence – next month marks the arrival of Gary Yourofsky, who will try to explain that to eat meat is to be part of a genocide. Translation of the article published in Ha’aretz Magazine on August 3rd, 2012. Going to the …

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גארי יורופסקי מרצה בחצר אחורית בחדרה

Yourofsky – One Of The Righteous Among the Nations | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

By Eyal Megged, Haaretz Daily Newspaper January 3, 2014 The Righteous Among the Nations, those saintly non-Jews who are presented as role models for every Jewish child around here, were fanatical people who performed fanatical acts. The decision to save persons and families right under the Nazis’ noses in occupied Europe was not just an …

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Stop the animal holocaust | Haaretz Daily Newspaper

How are enlightened people capable of ignoring the gap that exists between the amount of suffering caused to animals when they are being murdered, and the amount of pleasure such an enlightened person gets from eating their flesh. By Eyal Megged, Haaretz Daily Newspaper September 7, 2012 The charismatic animal rights preacher, Gary Yourovsky, arrived …

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The Marker - The Vegan Trend As A Marketing Opportunity

The Vegan Trend As A Marketing Opportunity | The Marker

The more the vegan and vegetarian trend spreads, more are the opportunities created for businesses to differentiate themselves ■ Shlomit Hoch-Grönvall offers marketing tips to ride the trend. Date of publication: January 27th, 2013 “Breaking laws, from Jesus Christ to Nelson Mandela, from Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King, laws have always been broken to …

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כתבה על ההרצאה במגזין Time Out Tel-Aviv  - מוקטן

Vegan Is Better, Brother | Time Out Tel-Aviv, June 21st, 2012

Gary Yourofsky’s talk about the reasons to stop eating meat took Israel by storm. A local initiative is trying to raise donations to bring him to Israel for a series of talks Even if you are not (yet) vegetarians or hardcore vegan, you’ve probably heard about Gary Yourofsky, the Che Guevara of animal rights. Yourofsky, …

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