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TV & Radio Interviews

TV & Radio interviews with Gary Yourofsky following the incredible impact of his speech in Israel.


Gary Yourofsky on a Prestigious Interview Show in Israel – Must see!

Renowned Israeli interviewer, Kobi Meidan, talks with Gary Yourofsky following his second visit to Israel and the storm and waves his riveting speech created. A fascinating and intriguing interview on Israel’s most watched channel (“Hotze Israel” with Kobi Meidan, Ch. 2, 12/28/2013).  

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Should Children be Exposed to the Truth? TV Debate with Gary Yourofsky

Live Debate: Should Children be Exposed to the Truth? Gary Yourofsky vs. The Ministry of Education

A discussion on Israel’s most watched morning show following the Israeli Ministry of Education’s decision to ban Gary Yourofsky from lecturing in high schools. Gary Yourofsky vs. Hana Shadmi, a director of psychology and counseling services at the Ministry of Education who took part in the decision. (Can’t see? try here) See also: Israeli news: …

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טל ברמן מארח את גארי יורופסקי

Gary Yourofsky on Israeli Talk Show

A fascinating interview with Gary Yourofsky on Israeli Talk Show following his riveting speech and visit in Israel (“Friday with Tal Berman” 9/14/2012).  

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אילנה דיין מראיינת את גארי יורופסקי

Ilana Dayan vs. Gary Yourofsky – Fascinating interview!

Ilana Dayan, Israel’s most renowned journalist, interviews Gary Yourofsky on a very popular radio show.  

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i24news interview

i24news TV: One on One with Gary Yourofsky

Fascinating and lengthy interview with Gary Yourofsky during his second visit to Israel in December 2013.  

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alhurra interview

Alhurra TV: interview with Gary Yourofsky

Interview with Gary Yourofsky on Alhurra TV network. Following the incredible impact of his speech in Israel, Arabic repoter, Eman Haddad, met Yourofsky in Jerusalem and heard his strong opinions about animal rights and veganism. This prime time story was aired on Al Youm (“Today”) magazine in September 2012. غاري يوروفسكي، ناشط أميركي مشهور يناضل …

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