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Gary Yourofsky – My Vegan Story in 60 seconds

Gary Yourofsky’s tells what happened when he started to investigate where his meat was coming from. When he stood face to face with defenseless pigs who looked in his eyes, being vegan was just a matter of time.

Gary Yourofsky – 60 seconds of Truth

הסיפור של גארי יורופסקי:

Gary Yourofsky’s Vegan Story in 60 seconds

I was not a vegetarian at this time.
No, I was not vegan. I was not animal rights.
But I was learning.
And there were always 6 or 7 pig trucks on the road, waiting to be called in.
And I would walk up and down that street, and I’d stand face to face with those pigs.
And I would look at them and they looked back at me and it was like they were saying to me:
“why are you doing this?”
And you know what?
I never had an answer.
I said: “I don’t know why we do this to you.”
And I later found out that there was a bishop from Britain, William Inge, who in an 18th century sermon once said that if animals ever formed an organized religion, the devil would be depicted in human form.
I can’t argue with that either.
We must be the devil to animals.